So many ingredients, which to use first?

While visiting my daughter, who has been doing graduate studies in ecology in the Negev Desert, we traveled around the country visiting other family members in the north and generally exploring. After 7 months of Arielle being away, it was great to have my oldest and youngest children together again.


We hiked in the desert, explored a cave, played in the Mediterranean and Red Seas, and generally saw the sights…


An early morning hike in the Negev with Arielle’s friends


Incredibly clear water in Eilat


Digging colored sands in the Ramon Crater


The Bahai Temple in Haifa


Beach in Netanya


Stalactite Cave


Arava Institute for Environmental Studies

So, when you are traveling around a country, where do you go when you have a few extra hours and are in love with local foods?… the local markets, or shouks as they are called in Israel.

First there was the shouk in the Old City in Jerusalem…with its wonderful displays of za’atar and other spices.


Then Mehane Yehuda, also in Jerusalem…with more varieties of halvah and tahini than one could imagine




Not to mention its varieties of dates and other dried fruits…


Then, with a few hours to spare before our plane, we stopped at the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv…



The result of visiting the markets and even a supermarket or two …suitcases filled with foods and ingredients to use at home…


Dates, figs, almonds, almond-cranberry mix, spices to add to rice and a flavorful topping for salads and other dishes


Dark chocolate hazelnut spread, milk chocolate and plain hazelnut spread, more dates, more spices – including za’atar, and a date spread.

Where do I start?  Breakfast!


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One thought on “So many ingredients, which to use first?

  1. I would love to see the markets!. Looks like you had a wonderful trip.

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