Stephanie’s Rugelach – Exploring Mom’s Recipe Box #9

First, a garden update. After weeks of weeding, I have my community garden plot planted, my husband built a fence, and I have been heading over every other day to water. My morning run is around the hill to the garden and back. There is zucchini, cucumbers, lots of heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, bush beans, fennel, snap peas, chives and kale. The herbs, cherry tomatoes, and garlic are in pots and bags on my deck, so I guess I have 2 gardens.

Shavuot is coming up this week, and I associate rugelach with Shavuot. And…I found a rugelach recipe in my Mom’s recipe box. I have already shared my Aunt Gussie’s rugelach and my pistachio Persian rugelach, now I’ll share a version of my sister-in-law Stephanie’s rugelach. I say, “a version” for a few reasons: 1 – this is all the recipe card had – the ingredients;

2 – I swapped yogurt for the sour cream, and 3 – since there is no sugar in the dough, the filling needed to be sweeter than the raisin mixture I had in the house.

That was the big decision; what should the filling be? I decided on using the chocolate sprinkles I brought back from Amsterdam. I absolutely love these sprinkles and I thought they would hold up well in baking, so I chopped up about a cup of walnuts, then kept adding sprinkles until I thought the balance between the two was right.

I still wanted to use cinnamon sugar on top, so I mixed some of my vanilla sugar with cinnamon and did a taste test of the filling and a bit of the topping together. I am happy to report that they tasted great together. It was a rough job being the taster, but someone had to do it.

I mixed the dough in my standing mixer, wrapped it in plastic wrap, and put it in the fridge overnight. It was quite sticky so I used a generous amount of flour on the table and rolling pin. I rolled it out into a large thin (about ΒΌ”) circle. I spread the topping generously over the entire circle and cut it into 16 wedges. I rolled eat one up, starting from the outside edge of the circle and placed them on a line baking sheet. I sprinkled the tops with the cinnamon sugar. Baked them at 350F for 35-40 minutes, til they looked nicely golden and cooked through.

So, how does this compare to my other recipes? The yogurt seemed to be a fine substitute for the sour cream, I would definitely make the change. They taste more like bakery rugelach, with a flakier dough. I think I will try them again with other fillings, perhaps with some jam-style filling.


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  1. A tasty treat well deserved after your hard work!


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