Cammy’s Scrambled Eggs

We hadn’t planned on Cammy cooking this weekend, but as we lost power because of the storm, we had to shift his dinner to a stovetop meal, and he wanted eggs.  So, voila!, a perfect dish for him to make for himself and give him an activity to keep him occupied in the dark.

He put on his headlamp, pulled up his “cooking chair” and our Top Chef was ready to scramble some eggs.

Cracking the eggs into a bowl
Whisking well.
Adding the torn cheese pieces – he used muenster
Moving the spatula to get a good scramble
Naan (cooked on the stovetop) instead of toast tonight
Dinner by candlelight – just as the rain ended and the sky started to lighten
Enjoying the aftermath of the storm with a full belly!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Julian Goresko says:

    loving the headlamp!


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