Persian Cookbook

You may have noticed that I have not been posting many new recipes lately. I am taking some time to focus on the cookbook I am writing.  I have gathered the Persian recipes from my husband’s family and others I have found and adapted them to an American kitchen.  My sisters-in-law spend many hours in the kitchen making their dishes.  With my husband’s help, I have found techniques to make them better suited to an American style of cooking.  Slow cookers, alternative ways to prep vegetables, and other techniques make these wonderful flavors accessible to American families, even for weeknight meals.

I will be including updated versions of many of the dishes I have already shared with you, plus some new ones just for the cookbook.

Of course there will be some favorites, such as Chicken Fesenjun


and Khoresh Bademjun.


But there will also be some new recipes and new twists on old standards, such as Mast-o Khiar


Zeresht Polo,


and Boogalamoon Polo.


So, please be patient with me as I dive into finishing this.

Til later, enjoy!





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  1. Behrose says:

    Can you please create and share a Gorhme Sabze crock pot recipe?


    1. I actually just did exactly that. I created it for the cookbook I am writing, but I may post it in a few weeks.


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