Travels in Search of Family, Work and Food

I will be out of touch for a couple of weeks while we travel to visit my husband’s family in Iran and I attend a conference in Turkey. It will be a food filled two weeks, so I should come back with some great recipes to share.  My sisters-in-law are wonderful cooks and they have been warned  that I want to spend some quality time cooking with them.  I have never been to Turkey; I will be in Istanbul for almost a week. I am really looking forward to immersing myself in Turkish food and exploring the spice bazaar!

While we are away, Arielle will be taking care of the garden.  Since she has worked on an organic farm in France and on Farmer Kim’s farm, I am leaving it in capable hands.

farmer ari

The only bad part of our travels is that I will be taking 2 weeks out of running training.  I have built that into my training plan, and to be honest, I think my leg could use the time to heal properly, I am still plagued with pain (more when I walk than when I run, go figure).  I will be doing my 9 mile run the morning before we leave – one last big run.

To give you a taste of our travels, here are some pics from my visit to Iran 3 years ago.

Iran 2010 040
Hiking with Cam in the hills outside Tehran
Iran 2010 042
The views on our hike
Iran 2010 048
Waiting for our omelet at an outdoor restaurant on our hike
Iran 2010 060
I have yet to get to the top of the needle
Iran 2010 085
A wonderful park in Tehran
Iran 2010 180
With Aunt Nooshin at another outdoor restaurant – on a rainy day…Kabobs!!!
Iran 2010 219
Playing with the walnuts from his grandfather’s tree. Breakfast is flatbread, walnuts and feta – yum!
Iran 2010 050
I draw people wherever I go – do I really stand out that much? These girls were on a school trip.
Iran 2010 091
And, of course, the reason for our visit – hanging out with my father-in-law at his store.

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  1. Such beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them. 🙂


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