30 x 30 Challenge – Days 28 – 30

Day 28 – The garden provided my nature time today.  Weeding around the kale, carrots, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, onions and garlic and giving my perennial herbs their pre-winter haircut.  I harvested the rest of the parsley to replenish my dried supply for the winter.  Feeling – satisfied.

Day 29 – Went for a run at the community college again – this time in 37F weather!  Brrrr!  But it felt great, I just need to remember my ear muffs.  Feeling – invigorated!

Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge.  I am not happy it is ending.  I like having that extra push to get me outside because the improvement in my mood the days I got out and focused on nature was noticeable.  I plan to keep it up as if the challenge was still going  – I hope I do.

Day 30 – An inauspicious end to my challenge.  I barely got in 30 minutes walking around campus today.  Looking forward to returning to my riverfront walk tomorrow – hope I don’t get barred by the nor’easter.  Feeling – sad that the challenge is over, but very satisfied by the emails I have been getting from the participants in the challenge and how happy they are with their experiences.

Let me know what you think of this post, and if you try the recipe, please let me know how it was and any suggestions you have. Thanks, Andrea

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