30 x 30 Challenge

One of the things I do in my consulting business is operate a program focused on decreasing the carbon footprint of staff at the University of Pennsylvania.  To accomplish this, I think it is beneficial to tap into and raise people’s connection to the environment and their surroundings.

Walking at the Russell Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge in Wilmington, DE

A few months ago, I learned of the David Suzuki Foundation’s 30 x 30 Challenge – spend 30 minutes a day out in nature for 30 days in a row.  What a simple, yet wonderful idea!  Eat lunch outside, go for a walk or run in a park or along a river, read a book under a tree, work in your garden – so many possibilities, even in the heart of the city!

Hanging out by the woods

So, I will be challenging the staff involved in my program to take the 30 x 30 Challenge, and to involve their co-workers and friends.  We will do some group activities, but mostly it will be up to each individual to decide what they want to do. All I will as is that they make note of what they did and how it made them feel.

Chilling at the Morris Arboretum near Philly

We will be doing the Challenge from October 8 to November 6.  Come along and join us!  I will share my daily notes here on the blog.  I would love if you share your favorite outdoor activities, or how you spent your time outside with us!

Kayaking and bird watching along a local river

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