Rose’s Pickled Red Peppers

I always liked my mother’s friend Rose.  They were friends in Kindergarten (in 1932), then ended up reconnecting when, as young mothers in the late 1940’s, their apartments were right by each other.  They remained friends ever since.

It was always a treat for me when Rose and her husband, Jack, would come to visit.  They were such positive people, even when life was throwing them some pretty difficult curveballs.  They just brought a great vibe into the house with them, I loved to sit and listen to them talk.  What was even more fun was going to visit them at their house, I adored their black lab, Midnight.


One one visit when I was a teen, Rose served us some pickled red peppers with our lunch.  I had always thought pickled red peppers were one of the best foods, but we only got them at Passover.  And here, we were having them on a random day, and what’s more, Rose had made them herself!


Well, here is Rose’s recipe.  I am making them just in time for Passover (some traditions stick with you).

Rose’s Pickled Red Peppers

3 large red peppers, organic, cut into 1″ strips

4 cups boiling water

3 cups water

1 1/2 cups white vinegar

~1 Tbsp sugar


Place the peppers in a bowl. Pour boiling water to cover the peppers.  Let sit for 10 minutes (or longer for softer peppers).


Bring the 3 cups water, vinegar and sugar to boil.  Adjust sugar level, should be not too sweet, not too tart.

Drain, pack the peppers in jars.


Fill the jars with the vinegar mixture.  Leave 1/2 in air space at the top of the jar.


Seal, let cool, then store in the fridge.  They should be ready in about 2 weeks.


Makes 2 pints.


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