Chesapeake Crab Cakes!!!

One of the benefits of living in Delaware is our proximity to the Chesapeake Bay and access to blue crabs. Chesapeake crab cakes are a treat; and they are a treat we make just as tasty at home as you can get at a crab shack. The key is good crab and using a minimum of filler; when you bite into a crab cake you should taste crab and seasoning.

I found this recipe twenty-some-odd years ago, right after moving to Delaware. I no longer have the cookbook it was from, only the ripped out page with the recipe. Luckily, it gives the attribution for the recipe, so here it is…


As it states in the recipe, it is very simple. Rip the bread, moisten it, then put all the ingredients in a bowl.  Mix them together (I use my hands).


Shape into 4 cakes. I chill them for about an hour.

Cook them in a thin layer of oil over medium-high heat for about 3 to 4 minutes per side.


Serve on a bun with tarter sauce (ours is homemade), tomatoes (from the garden) and pickles. You can also add lettuce if you’d like.




Serves 4.










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  1. Karen DeChalus says:

    Mmmm. Have to try this – looks like a simple recipe. I love all the stains on your recipe card. A sure sign of a good and well-tried recipe!!! xoxo Karen


    1. Thanks Karen!
      It is very simple and very good! It was by far the best recipe in that entire cookbook!


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