Garden Adventures Begin Again

It is March, and that means it is time to prep the garden for the early planting.  Somehow, the weekend I want to do this always ends up being cold and gray.  We have a fairly established division of labor, I do prep weeding (taking out the big stuff, hoeing the outer edge, taming the strawberry beds), then Ali tills,


and I then add the contents of one side of our compost bins to the garden as he tills.  We seem to fairly consistently get 5 wheelbarrow fills from one side.  If I need more, I will dig into the other side, but I would rather let it cook some more.


Compost always amazes me – we have very low-tech bins.  We add food and yard clippings, turn it every now and then with a pitchfork, and out comes beautiful black dirt!  Magic.

I also picked the last of our kale


then proceeded to drop most of it off this railing :(.

In 2 weeks I will plant our early seeds, and it will be time to repair the fence, set up the trellises, and start anticipating fresh foods from the garden again.  Oh this makes me so happy!


Let me know what you think of this post, and if you try the recipe, please let me know how it was and any suggestions you have. Thanks, Andrea

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