30 x 30 Challenge – Days 19 – 21 and Blog Glitch

I want to apologize to anyone who received notification of  2 posts last night that do not exist.  I was working on early drafts of  squash bread and pesto-ricotta souffle posts, and they were accidentally published.  So, stayed tuned for those in the future, they are not quite ready for prime time yet.

Back to 30 x 30…

Day 19 – I got to spend a good amount of time out in nature – first a run on the trail at the local community college, then time working in my garden planting more onions and garlic.  Feeling – happy.

Day 20 – So what do you do the day before a hurricane is expected to hit?  Me?  I went to the pumpkin patch.  Carving pumpkins will be a great activity on the upcoming stormy days.  Of course, I also spent time prepping my garden – harvesting leafy greens, staking some of the taller broccoli in hopes of saving them.  I am expecting a good bit of loss, but hopefully not a total loss.


Day 21 – The rains begin.  It looks like my only nature time the next few days will be looking out the window as the leaves bow off my trees and the rains pound my garden.    I will be getting out for short bouts here and there, whether it will add up to 30 minutes, I am doubtful, but I will try.



Let me know what you think of this post, and if you try the recipe, please let me know how it was and any suggestions you have. Thanks, Andrea

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