Creamy Mushroom Fettuccini

In Delaware, one of our great year-round local treats are mushrooms.  Kennet Square, PA is the mushroom capital of the U.S.; with it so close, we get great fresh mushrooms.  Still not quite as good as when I grew my own, but I don’t know when I will get the chance to do that again….

Mushroom Matzoh Lasagna

As I have mentioned before, living near Kennet Square, PA, the Mushroom Capital, mushrooms are quite a local food.  They are also one of Lauren’s favorites.  Thus, mushroom matzoh lasagna when she came home for the weekend. This recipe is adapted from one I found on a few years ago.  The changes I have…

Pasta Sauce with Dried Mushrooms and Red Wine

I still have a freezer full of basic tomato sauce just waiting to be played with and added to. I wanted to make a full-bodied sauce, so I decided to add some of my dried mushrooms and red wine.  It came out a little bitter, but adding a little sugar did the trick and it became luxurious….

Dried Mushrooms

Kennett Square, PA, is the mushroom capital.  And it is only 57 miles from my house, which makes mushrooms quite a local food.  I have grown my own mushrooms and they are amazing, but the kits are quite costly so I only do that as a treat. I love mushrooms, but I also love dried…