How to Roast and Freeze Poblano Peppers

This was the first year I grew poblano peppers. I don’t know whether it was the cool, wet summer, or whether this was typical, but the plant took a long time to start bearing fruit. Starting in September, however, I got a steady flow of nice-looking poblano peppers.


A steady-enough flow that I couldn’t keep up using them all. So, I decided to roast a bunch of them, use what I needed and freeze the rest. I needed 2 roasted poblanos for dinner – 1 for the guacamole and 1 for the quesadillas.  So there were several left for me to freeze for use later.



How to Roast Poblano Peppers

Step 1 – Char the peppers.

There are several approaches.  You can hold the peppers over the flame from the stove, use an outdoor grill or, as I did this time, use the oven.  To char the peppers in the oven, turn on the broiler.  Place the peppers on a rimmed baling sheet and place on one of the upper racks in the oven.  Char the peppers on all sides.  This takes between 5 and 10 minutes per side.  You are better off over-charring them than under.  A pepper that still has green on it is difficult to peel.


Step 2 – Place the peppers in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap.  

You can also place them in a sealed paper bag.  Let them sit like this until cool enough to handle, 10 minutes or more.


Step 3 – Peel the charred skin off the peppers, remove stems and seeds.

Note – if you are using the peppers whole, do this very carefully.


How to Freeze Poblano Peppers

Step 1 – Slice the roasted peppers into strips.


Step 2 – Place in an airtight container in single layers with plastic wrap between the layers.  

The single layers makes it easy to access the amount needed for each dish.


Step 3 – Cover with plastic wrap and freeze.

Seal out the air as best as possible.



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One thought on “How to Roast and Freeze Poblano Peppers

  1. Linnea Walden

    Great. I used this before and have a lot of poblanos again. I will freeze them; use them in terrific winter soups, and some other recipes.

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